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About Us

100% Black Owned, Sevelli Business Consulting was founded in 2015.


Our mission is to serve the South African SME. We do this by offering our core services to clients, and by introducing our clients to other SME’s who offer products or services that could improve their business. In doing so, we build SME ecological system where different companies can build a mutualistically beneficial symbiotic relationship. And through this system, we all grow.

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Our Services

Reward Programs

Employees are the backbone of your business. Show them that you care about them, and they will care about your business. We will create reward programs for your business to promote productivity and a happy working environment. 

Market Research

We can offer your quick, accurate and comprehensive market research to help you improve your product or services. 

Operational Reviews

We will conduct a deep dive analysis on your business operations, identify areas of improvement, advice on how these areas could be improved and implement a plan to do so. 

Corporate Branding

Get your name out there. Sevelli offers you corporate branding for all your marketing plans and needs. 


Your staff is your greatest asset. We provide coaching, training, motivation and development plans for your staff in order to help them achieve the next step in their growth in your organization. 

Lead Generation

Business is about sales. We will assist you by increasing your lead pool if required, or by promoting your brand through our numerous channels.